Monday, March 9, 2009

Well I never...

Well I never thought I'd find myself looking out at the blanket of new, soft, fresh white snow (on top of the 4 feet we have already) and realize it makes me think of fresh linen! -- and that I wanted to tell someone about it!!

The sun is shining and making dazzling diamonds everywhere, and I want to be outside, taking in deep breaths of the sparkling crisp air... BUT I have work to do (don't we all) and so instead I sigh. But at least now I can tell someone about it. the wonders of blogging.

Back to the studio,

In stitches, Carolyn


  1. yeah, the wonders of blogging! let's me read what you're up to. i'll stop by again later - i've got to get back to work too. Jackie

  2. Carie, I'm really glad you're doing this - getting (some) of your passion and talent out there. You are adding to the net-sum beauty in the world. Lord knows we need it. Keep it up!

  3. How awesome!! Love this idea and this site! Can't wait to look at all your wonderful creations. Thanks for sharing. Your sis