Wednesday, June 17, 2009

avocado green...?

Do you remember avocado green??
Those very modern kitchen appliances? Did you love it?

While sorting through my closet of vintage
and designer fabrics, looking for something to make into school bags for a project in Haiti, I uncovered these very vintage cottons... WOW! It took me back...

There's just something about the look, touch and feel of older fabrics. Something welcome. Something homey. And it seems to me the cotton was softer then, too.

Here are some other fabrics I found in my stash...
Distinctively modern in the 1960's.

And check out this print from the 1950s. Can't you just imagine every little girl wanting this in her bedroom? If that was you, please let me know!!

I find it interesting the way styles come and go... And who decides, anyway? What is popular, in time, goes out of style, and we may even laugh about it. Remember shag carpet?? But then it comes around again. What do you think, could avocado become the new lime?....

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